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Marin's Zastava 101 turbo project

Marin is a very interesting guy - he likes Fiat engines screaming all way to the redline, doesn't have a problem if he destroy engine or two and enjoys " junkyard surfing" through the northern Italy in eternal quest for tuning parts...yes, with such qualities he deserves it's own pages - not to mention that he helped me numerous times with my engine !

I'll try to explain his plan:

First, he did few months ago Uno Turbo 1.3 IE engine swap - OK nothing radical, you'll say. But he wants to install Megasquirt on this engine and to see how much power can he "squeeze", then he will remove that engine and put 1600 SOHC Fiat engine completely prepared together with T3 turbo,enormuous intercooler, long custom header, open exhaust,lightened flywheel and Megasquirted of course, chassis lightened with fiberglass parts if possible to drop weight, suspension with drag slicks,etc...

What is he's goal? To make monster Zastava 101 that goes 13 sec 1/4 mile - isn't that just a perfect daily driver :-)))


This is his Zastava 101 - it's chassis is Fiat 128 based and they are indeed very similar. Marin did recently a low cost paint job that turn out pretty well, as you can see on pic left.

For now, car must look outside as standard as possible.

This is his ride before paint job - paint was old and dull.

Sometimes Marin works so hard on his car that he doesn't even noticed that turbo flange make a bite on his white T-shirt , ha,ha,ha :-)))))

Sorry Marin, I just haved to !

Uno Turbo engine is inside - Marin is wrenching seriously ;-)

Oil cooler placed, well, how should I say ,not exactly invisible...

I noticed that German tuners like their oil coolers placed outside on their raced prepared 128's - it seems that Marin is under strong German influences !

One more shot of Uno turbo engine.

Note Marin's patented "Original-screwdriver-engine-mount™" :-()



Here is Megasquirt instalation - does this pic remind you of spagetti ? Me to ;-)

That instalation will stay messy only untill we finish fine idle tuning, find use for all connectors on harness and mount properly all sensors,relays and stuff .


This is screenshot of my laptop with few Megasquirt configuration files (*.msq). For now , it seems that car idles best with Toyota 1.6 16v map slightly modded for 330cc injectors.

Idle is at 1200-1300 RPM, throttle response is very good - we must mount soon O2 narrow band sensor and start some driving and datalogging.


And this is el cheapo manometer that we'll use to check fuel pressure on fuel rail at idle. Engine behave strangly and idle is very rough - I suspect that fuel filter is completely dirty and/or that pump hasn't enough flow on higher RPM range.


Here is our pride & joy freshly mounted and ready to measure some fuel pressure ;-)


Fiat Uno 1.4 IE intake manifold is very sexy looking - why can't I get such nice manifold ;-((((


This is Weber TPS potentiometer type from some Tempra or similar - Megasquirt can't work with old switch type TPS.

Good thing is that everything is bolt on - no need to modify and invent some new brackets - what a relief !


El cheapo gauge has plastic cover of incredible quality so that few gasoline drops on top of it make it almost unreadable :-()

But even with some reading difficulties, we measured around 2.9 bar which is in manufacturer recomended range. But in higher RPM range pressure drops very much and needle erraticly moves around with 1 bar amplitude - seems like there is some restriction in fuel supply - bad fuel pump,dirty filter or something else? We'll see very soon...

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