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Page 1 - Making custom turbo header (SS 304)

I started with making cardboard flange and with little skill, little more imagination and 2 meter of 32 dia PVC instalation pipe I made a model of my future 4-in1 turbo header. Cardboard flange was attached to my "dummy" head and then with hot glue gun I glued 4 pipes of equal length at exhaust ports. Pitty that I can't make real header from 304 SS with such fast and cost-effective technique :-()

This are some stainless steel pipes (28 int. dia) - on the right side there are 2 pairs of 30° angle welded pipes for collector, and on the left side are 2 already welded and bent pipes.

Zoomed welded colector detail - much more grinding to come ;-)

First testing position on dummy head. Intake mani is mounted in place to see how much clearance is needed - unfortunately clearance is almost non-existant and my first design needs some major changes...

Fiat turbo 1.3 I.E. intake mani - just as the sign tells you !

Shot of temporarily joined 4 pipes as collector-looking kind of scary around here ;-)

2 joined pipes of collector - this is the tricky part - you must cut all four pipes and grind them very carefully to form smooth junction - small gap on the pic will be enough for good weld penetration.

Collector almost completely welded - looking for turbo position, hmmm this one is good, but it needs slightly taller hood :-)

Comparison between my GT18V turbo (on the right) and Marin's std IHI RHB5 Uno 1.3 IE turbo.

This is triangular turbo flange that was cutted on water jet from 304 SS material - it's welded to collector and I started annoying job of grinding & porting - very though material.

It still needs lot of grinding...

Grinding stone is eating itself like crazy, but I grinded few mm's...

My first collector looking good so far, I am pleased with the result.

I badly wanted to continue with my header but then I remember that is much better to do it when engine is inside - turbo will be placed somewhere in spare tire compartement and there are lots of things to watch for like downpipe elbows, oil return, firewall clearance - so header story will be continued in near future...

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