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Part 2- Widening front & rear fenders

First I should say that I am not a car body expert, just enthusiast, and almost everything that I will be doing came from experience what I heard and saw from others over the net and in person...

So to cut a long story - on the left pic we have normal Yugo fender, little damaged, but nothing serious...it has edge that will be flattened completely and i'll try to make smooth contour that can accept wider rims & tires without rubbing.

This close up will show how fender looks now...
First thing is to bend the edge outwards with pliers, so I can smash edge over flat surface to get as much smooth surface as possible...

After little hammering, surface is relatively even and uniform - but little filler will be needed to get perfectly smooth.

Side view tells the whole story - complete edge is flattened and moved outwards. It's time for some fiberglass filler !
First layer of filler doesn't need to be super smooth - it just need to cover complete surface.
Filler is hardened and now it's time for some fine polyester filler.
This is hardened layer of fine filler - contours are getting smoother now...
This is close up after I sanded complete fender with some cheap Einhell DA orbital sander.
Second and probably last layer of filler will give smooth contour and fill little pinholes.

Fender temporarily mounted on vehicle shows that it needs some triming before actual sanding and priming...that standard 165/60/13" tires looks so funny & small now inside the fender :-))))

Tires that will be mounted when everything would be done will be probably Toyo Proxes T1S-195/45/14" mounted on custom set of steel rims with changed offset.

One more shot...

Top view shows how much fender is stretched out.

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